Narragansett and fibers in the pot


on the farm

Where do we start an incredible summer 100_9603sliding right into a beautiful fall. It was a summer of chicken, duck and (continuing into the fall) Turkey raising not to mention a lovely garden season. The beautiful Narraganset heirloom Turkey free ranges on the farm. You can see them when you come to the 19th annual fall sale. We all will be chatting about the farmyard, cover cropping for any size plot to mushroom culinary and environmental remediation experiments.

clay studio

Jon has started his fall firings prior to our fall sale. He is using wood and his own design on a sustainable used fryer oil system. Photo left adding the oil and the right showing two tubes one on the left is water and one on the right (closest to the kiln) is the oil dripping in raising the temperature to 2400 degrees. Jon received a 2nd IAC grant this fall and will be researching and implementing a wide new range of plant ash glazes as part of the sculpture and pottery to the sustainable oil drip system. He has started the process so far with giant ragweed, phragmites, and cattails. More are coming!


paper/print studio

100_9617Andrea has been creating new paste paper designs, creating a new black daylily and a “momigami style” western fiber paper. You can see at the FDH conference in Santa Fe or come to our fall sale in November. Andrea has also received a 2nd IAC grant and will be working on series of prints of native botanicals that will reveal legend and lore to be exhibited at the Brauer Museum in Valpraiso, IN in April.  Andrea and Jon are currently showing sculpture and paper works at BLINK Contemporary Art Gallery in Michigan City,IN.


the home team awaits your visit November 11 – 13 for the 19th annual fall sale