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To acquire any of the work below contact us through email leave your phone number and what you are interested in purchasing. We will call you to take your order. You can also call us directly.
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Wood firing is a unique process in which flashes of fire and ash occur leaving their mark. All the works are wood fired and assisted by a unique process we designed for this kiln to utilize used fryer oil to finish the firing. Reducing the used vegetable oil from the waste stream and reducing our firing time.
The glazes used here have been developed by Jon to create unique work with a regional essence by using many local plants and clay from our region.
In the last year Andrea has designed  19 paste papers that are sold individually and in a sample book. 

Ceramic works listed below measure L x W x H

fermentation jars 
The hand thrown jars were created as fermentation vessels to ferment foods that are extremely important to our health and store the bounty from the season. The jar design is based on different cultures and how one ferments vegetables. These jars are made from high fired durable stoneware and are designed to last many generations. The jar comes with a lid and weights. The jars hold 5 to 6 quarts. Each is stamped with a consecutive number in the order they were made, each one is unique. 

The fermentation jars are popular we have 4 more in the kiln and will be posted on Thursday December 10.  

I have been making these pigs for years. They have traveled all over the world. This is the first time they will be offered online. They sneak their way into the kiln when I have small spaces to fill. They have brought incredible delight to the young and old alike. They really have become a  symbol of our connection to our homestead and the environment that we are humbled by on a daily basis.

holiday tumblers – shot cups – goblets
These holiday tumblers were designed for your favorite holiday drinks with dimples to fit your fingers during your festive events. Shot cups and goblets can be sold as a set or singley.

teapots – teacups – tea jars – creamers
The tea pots are designed with a built in strainer so you can use loose tea leaves directly in the pot. The traditional tea cup is made without a handle, if you are interested in handled cups check out the coffee cups.

mugs & cups
We have found the perfect coffee cup size and shape, ceramic is known to keep liquids hot longer. The 10 oz. cup is perfect for your morning cup of coffee or tea. The beer mugs were designed with the old world beer stein in mind, the lip curves in slightly to keep the foam contained. These hold 20 oz. and make an excellent large tea mug. 

bowls – stew, soup, & serving
Bowls have many uses in our kitchen, it is one of the most used dish. Serving bowls for meals and individual soup and stew bowls for chili or lamb stew. 


jugs & funnels
We keep a jug of olive oil near our stove for cooking. 


vases , bottles & lidded jars

garlic jars 
These have been incredibly popular. We will have a fresh batch by early December. Each of these jars holds about a pound of garlic. The carved openings allow air to flow around your garlic which keeps it fresh. If you are interested in organic garlic we have it available. 

We use pitchers all the time for water, ice tea, lemonade, sangria, and smaller pitchers for milk, gravy, or salad dressing. 



paste papers