hot tubbing, cold paper making and tomato plant sale

woodraileron the farm
hivesThe cold season – when we are able to sharpen tools, catch up on all kinds of reading, summer animal and garden plans, and build stuff and studio work. Jon has built new German style beehives Jon has read about and met a seasoned beekeeper at the Acres conference in December 2015 – onion seeds are planted – we hottubbuilt a hot tub using a snorkel wood fired stove that is actually in the tub itself so good after a day in the studio – we’ve built new studio equipment for us and others like this beautiful 9” x 15” mould that could be yours – Ry has cut so much wood he wears a chainsaw blade around his neck you know “just in case”.











Tomato Plant Sale
Ry and Lu are selling plants!
This year Ry and Lu are offering amazing varieties of tomatoes, basil and lovage that you may grow for your own home gardens. The varieties are easy to grow and unique They are either an heirloom and/or from organic seeds. The plants are grown in a wholistic and nurturing environment with no chemicals or pesticides. The tomatoes were picked for their great flavor, appearance, and abundance. The basils are stunning varieties that are great for summer eating and winter pesto. Lovage is perennial herb that is fabulous with soups, pasta and fresh salads.
All plants will be in 3″ compostable pots and will be ready to plant.

clay studio
Recent bottle out of the last firing in November.
come and see it in person the studio is open on the weekends!

Jon is researching new native plant ash glazes. Bundle of cattails that are to be turned into ash. catt








Jon will be showing a sculpture in a juried exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center. The opening reception and awards ceremony will take place on Friday, February 26 at 7PM in the Bridgeport Art Center Gallery (4th floor). Come see us at the opening!

paper studio
Red hot wheat straw being made and some being sent to Nawakum Press out in California and the rest in shop and available.

pearlPaper designed as an inclusion sample in IAPMA’s Pearl Anniversary year. A dusty rose with a sparkly rough cut circle. Andrea is exhibiting an artist book at St Ambrose University with the midwest chapter of the Guild of Book Workers in “Bridges” in Iowa. She is working on a new series of prints and paper pieces that involve plant observation over a year’s time…….more on this as it is happening.


Summer class schedule for Hook Pottery Paper will be out the end of March