19th annual fall sale

On November 11 –  13 come and join the festivities for our 19th annual fall sale. Shop hours are extended Friday/ Saturday 9 – 8pm and Sunday  9 – 5 CST. Pottery, prints, paper, stationery, soap, honey will be available. The bread oven will be fired up producing fresh hot flatbreads from 11 am through the afternoon.

Jon will give a 15 minute presentation at 7pm on his current IAC grant involving plant ash glazes from the region using a sustainable wood/fryer oil assist kiln.
Andrea will be demonstrating watermarking throughout the evening.

some of the farmyard festivities will be: all times are CST
 Jon has been creating new works all summer and has been firing in September and will be throughout the fall. Jon is a recipient of a second Indiana Arts Council Grant. His first grant focused on researching and firing a kiln utilizing waste fryer oil. He starts his firing out with deadfall wood to develop the amazing ash fire patterns and ends the firing more sustainably then ever with used fryer oil. The second grant, which you will see some of the works, focuses on using indigenous plant ash to create new glazes. A wide range of plants are being used from the wilds such as  giant ragweed, phragmites, to domestic plants like barley straw and cornstalks.The plants are turned into an ash glaze applied to the pottery and fired to 2350 degrees to create a beautiful surface. He is not sure what colors the new glazes will produce come and see.
Jon will give kiln tour with plant ash discussions. Friday 7 pm , Saturday 11 am, Sunday 2 pm

Andrea has been creating new paper surfaces in paste and marbling patterns to create many colorful  works and smaller designed papers. She has been working diligently to produce natural indigenous papers that are pigmented which create gorgeous sheets. She is also the recipient of an Indiana Arts Council grant and will be showing some of the prints that have a botanical twist. Marbling demonstrations Saturday 11 – 4

Lu Hook has been all about mushrooms he will give short 20 minute presentation (Saturday 12:00 & Sunday 1:00pm) discussing techniques for growing culinary mushrooms on all kinds of substrates. He will also be discussing his projects for myco remediation

FYI for those of you who chatted up with him about garlic last year – he has had a bumper crop and might sell a few heads.

Ry Hook will be chatting about cover cropping any area from small gardens to fields during a 20 minute presentation(Saturday 12:30 & Sunday 1:30pm). He will talk about the importance of cover cropping in your local area, habitat and vegetable garden and it’s global impact. He would like for you to tour the differ styles of greenhouses he is utilizing to extend the growing season on our homestead.