jon hook

Studio ceramic artist, Jon Hook, creates sculptural work and functional pottery. He received his BFA from Hope College, Holland, MI in 1986. He continued his own independent research of kilns and pottery in the Midwest. In 1997 he co-opened Hook Pottery Paper in northwest Indiana with his wife, Andrea Peterson. He has built his own kilns since 1987 in which he only fires with wood. The wood firing for Jon is a passion.

He finds that wood firing is an intense and industrious process. The work emphasizes the use of local materials such as local clay, straw, and cattails adding color in the form of ash glaze to the surface of the wood fired ceramics. He is a forerunner and expert in his field concerning sustainable firing and ceramic studio practices. Jon and his family live and work in an atmosphere free from the distractions of technology. Consistent with this lifestyle, his works reference environmental responsibility alongside an exploration of natural forms. Jon’s work is a reflection of his immense respect and concern for the environment he lives in. He creates glazes from the ash of his wood stove that heats the studio and collects rainwater in barrels to use. The work that is produced is like no other due to the wood fly ash and plant fiber introduced into the glaze chamber during firing.

Jon‘s work is in numerable private collections across the country. He exhibits his work nationally. He has exhibited at Krasl Art Center, St. Joe, MI, Phoenix Gallery, NYC, Lubeznik Center, Michigan City, IN, Doug Fogelson Gallery, Chicago, IL, Pink Gallery, Oak Park, IL as well as in his own gallery and studio, Hook Pottery Paper. He teaches and conducts workshops at his own studio as well as at The Krasl Art Center, Lubeznik Center for the Arts and others. He is a 2016/17 grant recipient from the Indiana Arts Commission.