Beer Man and ducks in a row

My grandfather used the term “I gotta get my ducks in a row” during my youth often. It has grown with our family as well. Seeing the spring ducklings mature but keeping to that pattern without the mother is seeing that some routine is part of it all and very humorous to watch as they take turns leading or stop to graze and break formation.

Our 21st Annual Fall Open House – November 8 – 11, 10 – 5 CST. We will have daily demonstrations, tours of the greenhouses, visit our new sheep and new additions to the goat herd. You can talk garlic and mushrooms with Lu and chat it up with Ry about pastured raised meats he will have for sale.

Special demonstrator Michael Henderberg a longtime brewer and close friend who will be making all grain batches of beer all day Saturday. Come by get a new Jon Hook beer mug and have a taste.

paper studio

Andrea has been working with several artists this fall in the studio catch the all of it on instagram @ hook_pottery_paper. New paper arts works like this one. A four panel piece of Warren Woods as sun drops and sets the woods on fire. Using millet straw as the base sheet. Many new paper designs for you to look over in the studio. Hot fall news Andrea’s paper designs have been collected by the Metropolitan Museum in New York City for their permanent collection she will be shipping off papers soon – the very same designs will be available at the Annual Fall Open House.

ceramic studio

Jon has just lit the 2nd firing. Below a glimpse of the very top shelf before the door bricks were set. The triangle cones in the front are temperature gauges. Jon will be able to peek through a brick hole to watch the temperature rise throughout the firing. When the first set of cones are down he will engage the used fryer oil system he has developed to finish off the firing. He has another firing planned after this and he will have a plethora of lovely work such as these tea or sake cups. Come see us this fall!