Goth Punk Goat and Pulp Workshops

ceramic and paper studio

Annual Fall Open House and Exhibition November 8 – 11

fall paper making workshops are now listed on the website


Jon has been working on new mugs that resemble the old brew house mugs of a long ago trip to Germany. The ash glazes on these two beauties are from the thistle plant collected at a local farm. The mugs are twenty ounce and fit well in the hand. He is also making some jugs for olive oil, vinegar, or your favorite libation. These jugs are utilizing the local plants for the ash glaze as well. There will be several large bowls, pitchers, serving plates, tea pots, cups, and storage jars available for the Fall Open House dates.


Andrea is continually inspired by the rings and cut marks left on a log – cotton cast printed log from July, currently working on a 4 foot diameter log. 


The phragmites cotton pulp drawing is on a base sheet made from phragmites. Several new works including a large turkey print will be on exhibition at the Fall Open House. She has started a production run of a few new papers that will be at Standards and the Friends of Dard Hunter this fall check them out if you are going!

on the farm
Our newest stud (above) Black Jack. All black with a natural white tuft on top of his head.

Ry and Lu have a website for their farming adventures it is a little sparse but will start filling when things are available.

Ry for the last 2 years has expanded the animal and farm production projects which have turned into a emerging business. He sells eggs, broilers, and a variety of greens and vegetables to the local market, a couple restaurants in the area, and out of our gallery. These seedlings will be out in beds for fall production. Lu continues to work on mushrooms and garlic which he has been selling to the local market.

Ry continues to produce his own organically grown grain (summer wheat harvest above) for his egg layers and meat birds which any farmer will tell you is no small feat as well as organically grown hay for the growing goat herd, sheep, and pigs. For the Fall Open House he will have broilers, goat burger, pork, possibly lamb and a variety of harvested goodies available.

New egg layers one week old – they will be laying next spring.