summer of ducks and fall blooms


on the farm

Summer was incredible and action packed – We planted, nurtured,weeded, gathered, tasted, harvested, dried and stored. The honey is in the shop awaiting the 18th Annual fall open house and sale on Nov 14 & 15 along with other goodies. We want to share what is still blooming – herbs, food plants, bee crops, insectary crops, soil food and simple beauty. Enjoy the photos.

Ry acquired a piece of ground to plant organic corn as winter food for our chickens and turkeys – the field has done so well we are trying to figure out where to store it all.

Lu has aquire another space to grow lots of garlic. He is bringing the soil to life; anticipating a planting fall of 2016. His garlic this year at home has done very well.



clay studio

Jon is preparing for the fall sale – the studio a blur of activity. jonHe is firing with wood and used fryer oil (from local taco stand) as part of the process. This is the research attained from his IAC grant last year. The work is stunning.

paper studio

Andrea is teaching a paper making course School of the Art Institute this fall and spring. She will be presenting at the  Guild of Book Workers conference you can see her there and some new exciting papers.ap