bug house and seeds planted

chixPLOWon the farm

The above photo shows our rooster Rising Sun out with his ladies enriching. tilling and removing larva from the soil as well as enjoying the spring warmth. Lu has many seedlings well on their way and sugar peas are pushing through the soil and will climb on the branch trellis. LURy has been building a new hayryTRAC
wagon from late on from the
ground up and creating these
new bug houses to encourage
predaceous bugs to live
close to the gardens.bug trapsjonTHISone

clay studio

Jon is finishing up his IAC grant with another firing. The piece he is holding came out of an early spring fire – very exciting. Both Jon and Andrea will be at Nido Bianco during Art Attack weekend with ceramics and paper making and marbling demos as well as prints and ceramics for sale. Jon is running a raku workshop at South Bend Museum of Art.


paper/print studio

Andrea has finished her grant and is in the framing stages. The piece above is 36″ x 72″.
A kozo base sheet with pulp drawing (using pigmented cotton rag) of tree roots and a woodcut of text.The piece below is a pen drawing on cotton rag that has oak leaf inclusions, 23″ x 31″. These works with others will be at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in July. She will be teaching paper making classes at 
Ox-Bow this summer and a couple at her studio the farm.