natural dyes, Annual 2021 & soap

It has been a while since we have written a newsletter. We definitely have been extremely busy.

paper studio

Recently I invited Barb Korbel (BK) to the studio to work with me to create natural dyes from plants of my area for handmade paper. We had a blast BK being experienced in natural dyes to cloth for her own weaving projects and myself handling the paper end of things.

We gathered Queen Anne’s Lace, Sumac leaves, Osage orange heartwood and Hollyhock blossoms. Through we came up with some great results that can be expanded to create production runs of paper using natural dyes that can be fairly lightfast. We still have some more planned research so we will keep you posted.

ceramic studio

Annual 2021 Fall Sale – November 5 -7 is being planned, in person as well as online. We will have plenty of new garlic pots (nicknamed the stinky) and garlic to fill them. We are paying close attention to the CDC and their recommendations. This will be a masked event with social distancing. It will be mainly outdoors under our 1-year old solar panel array.

We are off the grid it has finally happened…….installation was complete early June 2020 by Photon Electric. It is truly magical. We are planning a solar panel Q & A and farm tours during the Annual 2021.

farm happenings

It’s July and we make soap the last week of April for our entire year and we make extra to sell in our shop and other places like Colophon Book Arts. In July I offer a wholesale price to anybody if they buy 20 bars. If you are interested go to our soap page. 20 bars will most likely last 10 months for a family of 3-4.

Turkey Foot farm’s CSA is going strong Ry is also selling fresh veggies out of our gallery along with chicken and pork. This year we are selling turkeys if you are interested in reserving one contact Ry Hook.