22nd Annual Fall Open House, Beer Tasting, and Thanksgiving Turkeys

Our 22nd Annual Fall Open HouseNovember 7 – 10, 10am – 7pm CST.
We will have demonstrations in the studios; tours of the new winter greenhouse and garlic seed plots(4000 cloves in the ground) the new mushroom grow chamber and an increase to the goat clan.

Our son Ry, Turkeyfoot Farm, which is located on site, has asked me to pass on a pastured raised meat pricelist – some preorder – for example our limited supply of Thanksgiving turkeys (attached at the end). He will have ground sheep, goat and pork at the fall open house.





At the open house you can talk garlic and mushrooms with Lu, he has new varieties he is exploring and will have mushrooms available. He loves to show the new grow chamber. We will also be firing up the wood fire pizza oven and be making fresh pizzas.

Jon has new wood fired ware and is very excited about the bowls that are coming out of the kilns this fall – definitely ready for the fall soups. He also has many of his olde world style beer mugs fired with plant ash glazes from the local area. The bowls here have a thistle ash glaze.

On site beer tasting on Saturday with ales brewed by Michael Henderberg brew master of Hinterland Farm and Kitchen. He will be brewing beer on site and explain the process of all grain brewing.
Ry Hook is starting out as a young brewer and will have two kinds of Porter to taste.

Andrea will have several handmade papers available made from local fibers such as daylily, wheat straw and hay and newly designed paste papers as well as new drawings and prints exhibited in the shop gallery. Andrea’s new book “In the Field”, which describes the techniques and processes she uses to create natural and locally sourced paper fibers will be available and she will sign your very own copy.


It is a great weekend of gathering, socializing, experiencing a small farm and studios endeavor toward a healthy eco system – a celebration of the season past and the future.




If interested contact: Ry Hook , rymaehook@gmail.com, 219-362-9478
Our turkeys are a heritage breed weighing 15 – 20. They are fed organic and non-GMO grain supplementing their pasture grazing.Turkeys are $5.00 a pound and are in limited supply please call soon to reserve one. We will be taking a $50.00 deposit to reserve your bird. Final payment on pick-up (November 9 -10) Birds will be frozen.

Pigs have been pastured/forest raised with grain supplement that is Non-GMO and soy free. USDA processed – cured meats are nitrate free
whole pigs
are $7.00 lb. and yields 136 lbs. ½ pig $7.00 lb. yields about 68 lbs.
half pig will yield the following cuts – ham, spareribs, bacon, shoulder butt, loin roast and chops, fresh roast, sausage   pick-up November 7th – 9th

¼ pig is available on request your cuts will vary from the list above. We recommend finding a friend/neighbor/relative to pig share.
FYI 35 lbs of meat require 1 cubic foot of freezer space which is about the size of a milk crate.

Chicken Broilers
Frozen and ready birds are 4 – 6 pounds at $4.00 lb. Pastured raised on rotational grazing with soy free whole grains organically grown.