20th Fall Open House

It has been a busy and plentiful summer thru fall. In the above photo Ry is cleaning and final greasing of the combine prior to winter storage – he has produced naturally grown oats, barley, and rye as duck and poultry feed. All those fields are growing a healthy cover crop which will pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere at the rate of 2 tonnes per acre and into the ground where the plants will use it – greatly reducing carbon emissions. Ground left bare will actually release carbon back into the atmosphere. A resourceful farmer will want to keep that carbon in the soil and try to pull even more from the air for the plants to use next year – keeping the soil healthy and alive.

Please join us for our
20th fall  open house,
November 9 – 12 from 10 – 7 CST.

We will be giving short talks about cover cropping gardens/small areas, the new green house project, visit the garlic patch with Lu, and Ry will be sharing what he has been learning about Oak wilt, a serious fungus that is killing oak trees. Lu will be sharing his process of mushroom tissue culturing. Ry will be giving animal tours and chat about goat health and care– each day he will be featuring one of our goats and will be trimming hooves and demonstrate general grooming.
A schedule of events is located on the fall open house page.

farm goods available during this event
eggs, honey, micro-greens, garlic, body balm, soap, candles, and our NEW HOT HOT SAUCE from 9 different peppers!

paper studio
The paper studio has been a blur of activity with visiting artists through summer and fall. Lea Basille-Lazarus, Chicago artist, came for a few days and made amazing work.

Jon and I had a large exhibition at the Brauer Museum of Art which ended in August those works will be exhibited at the fall open house.



I have been working on new log prints that will be on exhibit at the fall open house.

I wrote a blog spot for Surface Design Journal on Paper Textiles check it out. A great magazine and blog!

I would like to announce an exciting workshop for next summer happening in my studio. In the field: A natural fiber papermaking workshop from June 18 – 22. Please go to the workshop page to find out more details.

ceramic studio
Jon has been diligently working on a new series of plant ash glazes that will be debuted in November at our fall open house. He has refined his used fryer oil system which assists with the woodfire and the results have been amazing. All will be revealed during the fall open house.