honey and anticipation


on the farm
The mornings are crisp – the afternoon sun still warms the bees searching for those fall blooms tucking away as much nectar as possible. Our hives did very well this summer producing around 220 lbs. You can get your very own jar of meadow & garden honey at our ANNUAL FALL SALE on November 15 and 16.

busy bees

We have been working as busy as the bees in the studio and on the farm. We would like to invite you to celebrate with us our 17TH ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE AND ANNUAL FALL SALE on November 15 and 16 from 10 – 6 CST.


Ry has been building new garden beds for next year, a raspberry patch and has cover crops growing well. He has investigated the Daikon radish as a natural soil plow and nutrient builder. He will share with you some of his research during the ANNUAL FALL SALE .


Lu has been drying herbs and plants all summer and into the fall for wintery days of hot teas and soups. He has been investigating permaculture techniques and the idea of niche plantings. He is also exploring French cooking. I believe he is making cream puffs for the ANNUAL FALL SALE. 







clay studio
Wood is split and stacked – firing kilns has commenced in anticipation for the ANNUAL FALL SALE . Jon has been firing and working on new bowl shapes and mugs. He has a couple new glazes that are stunning with the wood firing process.

Jon throwing

paper studio

Andrea has a new series of prints using Queen Anne’s Lace, phragmites and wild lettuce plants and others as the actual print “block”. Printed on her own paper, they are gorgeous and intense – a must see in person. They will be on display during the ANNUAL FALL SALE.
below next year’s corn fiber and black walnut husks for dye