handmade paper

These papers are produced in our studio. The papers are formed traditional western style and are archivally made. Most of the fibers are gathered locally. All of these papers have multiple processes applied and work very well. We have attempted to take the best images of the papers but there is nothing like the real thing – we highly suggest purchasing a sample book. All paper sales are final.

Sample book                                                    20.00

Indiana Indigenous
Farmer denim 100%                 18 x 24                   9.00
colophon denim purple             18 x 24                   9.00
Indiana corn                             18 x 24                  10.00
momiINDIANA-blue                   16.5 x 22.5            10.00
Indiana daylily/iris mix                18 x 24                 10.00
natural & black
Indiana wheat straw                  18 x 24                   10.00
natural & red
Indiana hay                               18 x 24                   10.00
Indiana sisal                              18 x 24                  10.00
Indiana phragmites (coming soon Spring 2021)
Indiana garlic leaf   (coming soon Spring 2021)
Indiana Walnut                          17.5 x 23.25           15.00
Moon                                      18 x 24                   20.00
Cubed                                     18 x 24                   20.00
Red Gold Grill                         18 x 24                   20.00
Squares                                   18 x 24                   20.00
BK Paper Case                       18 x 24                     9.00
BK text                                    18 x 24                      8.00
Trans abaca                            18 x 24                     8.00
Uthuppuru sage                     18 x 24                      7.00
Beidler Blue Laid                   18.25 x 22.5               7.00
Jana Laid                                18.25 x 22.5               7.00
Martin drawing/print papers 18 x 24                       7.00
grey, terra cotta, charcoal, black, hot pink, gold,silver

paper descriptions

Farmer denim is made from 100% worn blue jeans from my neighbors and my sons who farm and work the land. When chatting it up with the neighbors at any given time of the year I am presented with worn jeans of all sizes.

colophon denim purple is the same lovely denim with added pigment. This sheet is homage to the creator of Colophon – my favorite hippie Nancy Morain – her favorite color purple.

Indiana corn is 100% organic stalk and stem of the corn plant, which is in the grass family. We grow our own sweet corn for harvest on land that we are regenerating. This paper is internally sized.

momiINDIANA-blue is a 100% cotton rag that is sized, wrinkled, and then ironed and starched. Being enamored with momigami paper I wanted to create a sheet that was made from local cotton fiber but have the same suppleness that momigami

Indiana daylily & iris mix  is the leaves of the orange daylily flower you may see on country roadsides and the bearded iris. The daylily fiber is grown on my homestead in which it provides so many animals and insects with food, shade and camouflage. When frost comes in fall I am able to harvest the leaves. This paper is internally sized and comes in a natural medium brown and a pigmented black. The Iris is collected from the county library in the fall.

Indiana wheat straw            is a grass fiber and is harvested from an organic wheat field using regenerative practices. The sheets are internally sized and come a natural golden yellow or red.

Indiana hay is a multi-grass fiber and is harvested from an organic hay field using regenerative practices. The sheets are internally sized and come a natural green.

Indiana sisal is a grass fiber that comes to the U.S. as twine to be used in agriculture to bind hay and straw bales. I get mine from my own bales and collect the natural twine from the neighbors’. It is internally sized and comes in a natural tan or pigmented midnight blue.

Indiana Walnut is a 100% cotton rag sheet that has been coated with a black walnut dye from our trees on our homestead. The sheets are crumpled to soften, brush dyed and finally coated with thin layer of shellac to seal the walnut. They are reminiscent of worn leather but thin and pliable to fold around book board. The sheets are sized and the cotton is a byproduct from the clothing industry.

 Moon, Cubed, Red Gold Grill, Squares are magical. All of these papers are cotton rag, internally sized, and pigmented. These are 100% paper fiber and are not printed. They use unique stenciling or hand/fiber manipulation techniques to create the designs. The color on top of each sheet (2 for cubed) is pigmented paper pulp. The cotton is a byproduct from the clothing industry.

BK Paper Case & BK text   are papers created for Barbara Korbel, a bookbinder in the Chicago area. They are composed of flax and cotton. The case comes in 3 thicknesses.015”, .013”, .010”. The text is about .004”. Barbara and I had a long discussion about her needs and what she thought others would need. This paper is internally sized.

Translucent abaca  is a fiber from the Philippines. It is a non-bearing banana plant in which the stalk and stem is used. This pulp is beaten for a long time in a Hollander beater to become this translucent. The fiber is very long making these thin sheets very tough. This paper is internally sized.

Uthuppuru sage is named after Mary Uthuppuru who understands the color green. The cotton is a byproduct from the clothing industry. This sheet is internally sized.

Beidler Blue Laid is a paper composed of denim from my farmers and cotton. It is made on a historic Barcham Green Mill mould. Brien Beidler is a bookbinder currently located in Bloomington, IN. He wanted to recreate a historic blue paper. He was exceptionally fond of how it appeared on his work and his clients.

Jana Laid is a thin laid paper designed collaboratively with Jana Dambrogio a conservator at MIT to attempt to create historical modern paper strong enough to be letter locked. This paper is internally sized and can be externally gelatin sized on request. The cotton is a byproduct from the clothing industry.

Martin drawing and print papers are internally sized and 100% cotton. The cotton is a byproduct from the clothing industry. An art professor of mine came to meet when I set up my studio and asked if I could make him a paper. The paper needed to be able to print on, draw on, ran through an inkjet printer, occasional water medium. Thus I came up with this recipe for the paper and offer it in many colors. His name was Ray Martin.