plant sale

 plant sale  – pickup May 13/14 OR May 20/21, 9am-7pm CST 
Ry and Lu are offering amazing varieties of tomatoes, basil, a lettuce/greens 6 pack and borage that you may grow for your own home gardens. The varieties are easy to grow and unique. The plants are from organic seeds and are grown in a wholistic and nurturing environment with no chemicals or pesticides. The tomatoes were picked for their great flavor, appearance, and abundance. The basils are stunning varieties that are great for summer eating and winter pesto. Borage attracts bees and several other beneficial pollinators with it’s star-like blue flowers.The flowers are edible tasting like cucumber and a stunning addition to any summer dish.

20th Anniversary special – order $20 worth of plants and get a borage plant free!

You order the plants and pay for them now using the order form.
We grow the beautiful and healthy plants – you come and pick them up from May 13/14 OR May 20/21 at our farm between the hours 9am-7pm CST. We will send an email reminder as the pick-up date draws near. We will take orders until the plants are gone.
call us with a credit card number and we will take your order over the phone.
Mail the plant order form with a check
Hook Pottery Paper c/o Lu Hook, 756 W 900 N, LaPorte, IN 46350


azebTOMGREEN ZEBRA – This is a tomato that ripens in 75-80 days to a light green color with darker green stripes. Green Zebra’s sweet and zesty flavor is as appetizing as its appearance is spectacular. An indeterminate plant that keeps producing these amazing fruit throughout the season.
$2.50 each




PINK BERKELEY TIE-DYE – This vivid and kaleidoscopic tomatoe ripens in 65-75 days. It’s flavour is zesty and complex. Fruits are a large beafsteak type reaching 8-12 ounces at maturity. Indeterminate plants produce plenty of fruit for many a sauce or salsa. $2.50 each




INDIGO ROSE – This tomato in 80 days will be ready for the table. It produces 2 inch round fruit that have black shoulders and a rosy red bottom when mature. This tomato has a very complex flavor with sweetness, acidic flair and a nutty finish. There is nothing like it.  An indeterminate plant that produces vigorously. $2.50 each

sanmarzanogiganteSAN MARZANO GIGANTE – This tomatoe ripens in 90 days to a large meaty plum type tomatoe. It’s fruits can reach up to 7 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter. With large ruby red thick walled fruits this variety is an excellent choice for sauces.

$2.50 each


romainemustardSALAD SIX PACK – A six cell pack with two romaine plants, one kale plant, one black mustard plant, and two butterhead lettuces. An excellent green mix for a very exciting and delicious salad. $3.50 each

img_0841BORAGE – A favorite of bees and other pollinators with light blue star-like flowers that taste of cucumbers. The flowers add an exciting twist to summer salads. Excellent reseeder.

$2.75 each





BASILS available

cinnamonbasilCINNAMON BASIL – An amazingly fragrant basil producing 2 inch leaves and long lavender flower spikes. This basil is a great garnish for any summer dish that you concoct in your kitchen. $2.75 each


agenBASILGENOVESE  – This is unanimously recommended by basil lovers as the best variety for pesto. Plants are strong producers of dark green large leaves with an  exceptionally tender texture and distinctive sweet flavor excellent in sauces and cooking. 18-24″ plants

$2.75 each



thaibasilTHAI BASIL – This spicy flavorful basil is an excellent addition to pesto, sauces, and anything else you want to add some zesty zing.

$2.75 each