prints and paper arts

The printed plant series below was created in September 2014 just as the botanicals, Queen Anne’s Lace and others were half dry. The plants were inked and printed directly onto the sheets of handmade paper. The pigmented papers and inks were a direct inspiration from the plants shape and demeanor. The plants were printed using both sides creating an unusual and stunning symmetry. The detail of the seed heads and leaves is incredible due to harvesting the plants in a timely fashion.

Trees are magnificent natural entities that connect earth and sky. The roots of most trees in our area are shallow due to the low lying lands that might be filled with water part of the year or sandy dune soils. The trees grasp onto the earth’s surface with much of the root structure exposed above ground. The base of the tree roots sprawl out before plunging into the soil. This growth is needed for stability and thus longevity. These roots reveal beauty and strength presenting a profound sense of being.

water and stone

country modern

paper only