20th fall open house

On November 9 – 12 come and join the festivities for our 20th fall open house. Shop hours are extended Thursday 10 – 7 CST. Pottery, prints, paper, stationery, soap, honey will be available and much more. The bread oven will be fired up producing fresh hot flatbreads from 11 am through the afternoon.


papermaking and ceramic throwing process through out the weekend

some of the farmyard festivities will be: all times are CST

Jon Hook will be touring the kiln and his glaze process intermittently throughout the weekend.
Lu Hook  will give 20 minute presentations on mushrooms/garlic (Friday, Saturday 10:00 &12:00 & 1:00,  Sunday 12:00pm) . Throughout Saturday Lu will be pasteurizing straw and inoculating with oyster grain spawn.

Ry Hook will be chatting about cover cropping any area from small gardens to fields during a 20 minute presentation(Friday, Saturday 10:30 & 12:30 & 1:30,  Sunday 12:00pm). He will talk about the importance of cover cropping in your local area, habitat and vegetable garden. He will tour you thru the differ styles of greenhouses he is utilizing to extend the growing season. He will also be introducing you to our goats Uma and Alivia.